Project Highlights

Plugin Development

API Programming

Tech Involved

Client Background & Requirements

Our client based in San Francisco runs a real estate empire by renting his properties in Airbnb and similar platforms.

The Client would list his properties on Airbnb to get guests (customers) for his apartments and villas.

Our client had to do a manual arrangement of keys for these apartments every time a guest arrived at any of his properties.

How did we provide solution?

So we suggested developing a solution that gives guests automatic access to their booked apartments on arrival so that manual arrangement of keys is not required at all.

API Integration
  • At the time, when the project was planned it was decided to develop a custom plugin that will use AirBnB API to fetch apartment booking details.
  • However, in next few days, AirBnB shut down its API abruptly for security reasons and then we had to do a workaround where booking details will be obtained from client’s Gmail account using  Gmail API.
  • Our Gmail API integration provided all the booking details from the client’s account like Booking date, Apartment Name, Check In Date-time and checkout date-time.
Lockitron API Integration
  • Lockitron API allows granting access to guests to Lockitron smart locks of the apartments they have booked.
  • Once the booking details are fetched,  a Lockitron access is granted to the guest for the specified date-time as per the booking details.
  • In case if a guest cancels the booking, a revoke operation is performed to remove the access granted to the guest.
Activity Feed
  • We developed a functionality where all the booking and access activities are tracked.
  • Activities like granted access, revoked access,  apartment check-in, apartment checkout make it to the feed so the administrator can make a note of it